Key Resources

Equinox & Solstice theme gift cards etc Rosetti Design Cards [Miga Rosetti] Original Art Cards relating to the Equinox, Solstice and Astrological Signs printed on recycled paper from handmade designs by Miga Rossetti. [Wilson, WY]

Ceramic Astrology Birth Chart [Jo Brown] hand made to order. Each wall plaque is an original work of art signed by the artist and unique to the person for whom it is commissioned. [Brightons, Scotland]

Sharpe Designs (Heaven and Earth) [Julia Sharpe] Unique astrology birthday gifts based on the Medieval Doctrine of Signatures from beautifully carved Celtic Collection, carefully crafted small pots & jewellery. [Powys, Wales, UK]

Susan Raven's music...Glittering Cities [Susan Raven] Majestic & mystical songcraft from the heart with a strong vocal performance from Susan; reminiscent in scope of Peter Gabriel's catalogue - a beautiful album. [Powys, Wales]

Whole Sale Oil Painting [Xiuli Zhang] Oil Painting Reproductions from - Oil Painting of landscape, photo portrait reproductions from America's Wholesale Oil Painting. [AL, USA]

Humor of Melvin Durai [Melvin] Humor columns of Melvin Durai, a U.S.-based Indian humorist who writes on various topics. [West Lafayette, IN]

ASTROPAINT - astrology gifts ASTROPAINT - astrology gifts [Arthur G Bax] personalized fine art astrological birth chart. An original gift for many occasions such as births, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages. [Arzens, France]

Silver.aJewelryGift [Vivi Luis] Silver Jewelry from America's Jewelry Gift! . [Wuhan, China]

Free Birthday Greetings Cards Zodiac Birthday Greeting E-Cards [Steve Kernick] On a friend's birthday, send a fun, animated, e-card based on their sign. [New York, NY, USA]

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