Key Resources

Starcats Astrology For A New Millennium[Claudia Dikinis]. In-depth on America's War on Terrorism, Astro-politics, Global and Personal horoscopes, World Predictions, Resource and Teaching centers.[Santa Monica, CA, USA]

Aquarmoonlight Astrology 3 Aquamoonlight Astrology [Debby] Educational resource explaining astrological chart features from basic (signs) to advanced (chiron) plus horary. [UK]

Horoscopes Guide [Ivan Simurina] Includes daily and weekly horoscopes, articles about astrology, resources like free books, charts, services, tools etc. [Zadar, Croatia] [Brandi Jasmine] daily and weekly horoscopes plus advice column & discussion forum. [Toronto, ON, Canada]

Astrology World Predictions [John Bardopoulos] Mundane Astrological Predictions. [Athens, Greece-Hellas]

Astro Servuces 3 Astro-Services[Ellen Emeney] Horoscopes, world forecasts, astrology software, horary, financial astrology, chart rectification, horoscope jewellery, Chinese divination, website tips, downloads & tarot. [Penzance, Cornwall, England].

Creative Force Zodiac Astrology [Anthony Frost] Vibration Science Astrology - A mirror of future time and events for personal and business relationships. [Melbourne, Australia]

AstroFutureTrends [Philip Brown] Featuring the astrology of world events, cultural trends forecasting, and politics. [Santa Barbara, CA, USA]

Horoscope Daily [Jesse Skinner] A clean, easy and simple web site with no clutter. Just horoscopes every day. [Barrie, Ontario, Canada]

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